Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Report for May 2024

Published on the 15th of June, 2024

The Tsavo Conservation Area received relatively lower precipitation in May in comparison to the previous month. However, most water pans were still full by the end of the month and both grazers and browsers had enough food.

The SWT/KWS Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit attended to 7 cases all of which involved elephants. 2 of these cases were poaching related, the 1st involved repeat treatment of an adult elephant bull with an arrow wound on the left shoulder while the other involved a female elephant calf with a deeply embedded winch wire snare on the left hind limb. Sadly, the calf died a few minutes post-treatment. The team also translocated an elephant cow and her 2 calves from a community area to Tsavo East National Park and treated an orphan female elephant named Juni at the Voi Stockades for a sprain/ strain on her right hind limb. Thankfully, Juni has since fully recovered. Additionally, the team attended to 3 adult elephants in separate cases with injuries attributed to natural causes. Unfortunately, one of these elephants was severely injured in a fight and given her poor prognosis was put to rest to alleviate further pain and suffering.

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