Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit for May 2019

Published on the 15th of June, 2019

The month of May returned mixed fortunes for Tsavo Conservation Area with moderate increase in rainfall across the ecosystem hence plenty of lush forage and water was available for wildlife. On the negative side the region witnessed an increase in cases of arrow and snare injuries, targeting mainly elephant bulls in the southern and northern sections of Tsavo East National Park

This was attributed to poaching attempts as they targeted only elephant bulls with big tusks. In the month of May; a zebra that had strayed into a community area was captured and translocated to Chyulu National Park, a big Tusker named “ wide Satao” was treated for a fresh arrow wound, a waterbuck was freed from a snare along the Voi River, a former orphan elephant bull was treated for an arrow wound in Ithumba, while 3 other bulls were treated for arrow wounds in Murondo area in Tsavo East National Park. Finally, an elephant bull was saved from a deep cutting wire snare on the front limb near the Ithumba area of northern Tsavo East.