Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit Report for September 2020

Published on the 15th of October, 2020

In September the SWT/KWS Tsavo Veterinary Unit attended to ten separate wildlife cases, while also seeing a slight increase in cases of unknown deaths in zebras in Dakota and Mgeno areas of Tsavo, which are currently suspected to be a result of dehydration because of water scarcity.

In Tsavo EastNational Park, a male cheetah and eland were treated, in two separate cases, for lameness of the hind legs, while autopsies were performed on an adult elephant and a young elephant calf. A stray female zebra that had left the National Park and moved into a community area near Ikutha was successfully darted and translocated to Chyulu hills National Park, as part of continued efforts to help mitigate the risks pf human-wildlife conflict. A young male lion was successfully treated for puncture and bite wounds near Voi River, Tsavo East NP, with a good prognosis for recovery.

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