Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit for June 2019

Published on the 15th of July, 2019

The month of June returned mixed fortunes with a general decrease in cases reported in Tsavo East National Park but an increase in the Taita Ranches and northern parts of the ecosystem.

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An elephant bull was treated for an old wound in Tsavo West National Park and another bull treated for a dislocation injury in Lumo Conservancy. In Tsavo East, one elephant cow had collapsed and was treated and helped up, whilst a young elephant bull was treated for a penetrating wound to the lower limb. Another elephant cow had a deeply embedded spear stuck in her head in Selenkei Conservancy in Amboseli, and a big elephant bull was treated for 5 spears wounds near Oldonyo Wuas lodge within the Chyulu Hills. A cheetah was also attended to at Oldonyo Wuas but was found dead from a spear wound. In Mgeno Ranch and Rukinga Ranch, 4 zebras and one eland died from wire snares. Also in Rukinga, a lion was saved from imminent death caused by a wire snare. In southern Tsavo East a male hyena was euthanized after being diagnosed with an untreatable injury from a suspected territorial fight with other Hyenas.