Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit for October 2019

Published on the 16th of November, 2019

October witnessed the start of short rains in the ecosystem with promising showers at the beginning of the Month. We hope the rains will continue into December hence improving the forage and water availability in the ecosystem.

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In the month under review the unit performed several autopsies of elephant carcasses in the IPZ, Manyani and Magram Ranch bordering Tsavo East. Another elephant bull was immobilized and later euthanized due to an untreatable leg fracture in Tsavo West National Park. In Mombasa’s Haller park a Giraffe with a snare around the neck was treated and an eland was euthanized due to untreatable fetlock arthritis. Another Giraffe was de-snared in Tsavo East and in Olgulului Conservancy a speared lion had to be euthanized after suffering deep penetrating wound and massive internal bleeding. Finally, 2 lionesses were fitted with collars for monitoring of human wildlife conflict.