Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit for September 2019

Published on the 17th of October, 2019

The month of September has exceeded other months both in number of activities handled by the unit and other challenges experienced especially with unexplained deaths of wildlife in Tsavo West National Park including the death of a rhino. Several measures have since been put in place to reduce dependence of the only water point (Ngulia Hippo pools) to reduce contamination and disease spread.

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Cases handled included the treatment of elephant bulls with arrow wounds in Ithumba and Dakota areas of Tsavo East respectively. Snares were removed from elephants in Rukinga Ranch and Galana Conservancy bordering Tsavo East while a Cheetah was also desnared in Ngutuni Conservancy. Autopsies were undertaken on a giraffe and elephant carcasses in Ngulia, Tsavo West and another at Voi River near the Dakota park boundary. A problem leopard was captured in Voi town and released in at Lugard Falls, whilst another young elephant bull was stuck in mud at KMC ranch. The ecosystem remains dry and dusty with forage being very poor.