An Update on Siena the Mara Lioness

On the 28th April 2014, Siena, the Marsh Pride lioness was treated again by the KWS/DSWT Mara Vet Unit

On the 28th April 2014, Siena, the Marsh Pride lioness was treated again by the KWS/DSWT Mara Vet Unit. This was Siena’s fourth treatment since she was gored by a buffalo on the 4th April 2014. The DSWT was alerted to Siena’s injury by Governors Camp who witnessed the incident and immediately sent a team to help. Both DSWT and Governors Camp have monitored her progress since then and Siena has been treated subsequently on the 10th and 14th of April. By the 17th April, Siena had licked at her wound and removed some of the surface stitches.   Her skin had come away, but the wound/muscle appeared to be healing nicely. As Siena had young cubs the risks of a further treatment were measured carefully and the decision was made to delay any further anesthetic so as not to lower her milk production.

By the 28th April it was decided that a sufficient time period had passed since her last treatment to anesthetize Siena again without risk to her or her cubs. Siena was lazing with the pride and her cubs when the Mara Vet Unit darted her for what is hoped to be her final treatment. On examination of the wound the vet, Dr Limo, found no pus or signs of infection. In fact the wound was very dry and healing extremely well. The hole in the muscle, which had been the main concern of everyone involved, had in fact healed and was completely closed. There was only a small piece of skin that was hanging down and required two stitches to be held in place. Dr Limo then cleaned the wound with Peroxide, Iodine and Surgical Spirit before spraying it with Antibiotic Spray and applying Green Clay to prevent infection. Siena was then administered Antibiotics intramuscularly and revived.

To everyone’s surprise, as Siena was coming round from the anesthetic, a large group of buffalo that had been grazing nearby took flight. A young buffalo separated from the herd and ran straight into the pride of lions waiting for Siena. They instantly made an easy kill. The pride shared their unexpected prize with Siena, who took a large piece of meat to eat with her cubs. Later that night the pride killed yet another buffalo so all members of the pride, including Siena and her cubs, were extremely well fed and satisfied lions. 

Following her treatment on the 28th April 2014, the Trust received word from Governors Camp that Siena’s wound is continuing to heal well. She was spotted on the 5th May feeding on another buffalo with her cubs beside her, all of which are looking very healthy.


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