As Kenya Weeps

Saturday the 21st September was Kenya’s darkest day

Saturday the 21st September was Kenya’s darkest day. The Westgate shopping Mall in Nairobi’s Westlands suburb was attacked by terrorists in a siege that spanned days leaving many people dead and even more injured. Our hearts pour out to all those who lost loved ones, and whose lives have been shattered in the aftermath of this most tragic incident.  It must be noted that In this difficult time the people of Kenya shone, they stood united with heroic individuals risking life and limb in an effort to save and help their fellow Kenyans. The outpouring of support in the aftermath by the Kenyan community has been nothing short of remarkable and extremely humbling.  

Thankfully no one from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust community was caught up in this nightmare, neither were their close families – but of course between us all we know many who were and share in their pain.

The Kenya Defense Forces have worked tirelessly to halt the terrorist attack working around the clock in order to do so. Now we are waiting for comprehensive details from the investigations as it has been reported that there were a number of different nationalities including British and American citizens involved in this terrorist attack. 

The threat of terrorism today reaches throughout the world, and is not something that affects Kenya alone. We hope that the global community recognizes this and continues to support Kenya and Kenyans by visiting this beautiful country, its remarkable people, and it wild places.  The Government has assured tourists that Kenya is peaceful and that their Security Agencies together with Kenya’s International Partners are doing everything possible to ensure that everyone is safe.

Here at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust we find ourselves busier than ever in this challenging time having rescued seven elephant orphans in the past few weeks alone - bringing the number to 32 elephants in the Nursery - more than ever before. Sadly Kenya’s elephants continue to be poached, and this coupled with an extremely dry season with drought conditions in parts of the country there is an increase in human wildlife conflict too. 

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