Celebrate the Holidays with our Orphan Herd

Published on the 1st of December, 2023

Every animal deserves a home. This holiday season, support our mission by adopting an orphaned elephant, rhino, or giraffe.

In honour of the holiday season, we are delighted to share this special film — a celebration of our Orphans' Project, and a reminder of what our mission is all about. For nearly half a century, we have offered a family and a wild future to every orphan who comes into our care. This is not the work of a few years, but a lifetime commitment. While we raise the orphans of today, our field teams are working across Kenya to protect the habitats they will one day called home.

Even long after they have reclaimed their place in the wild, orphans consider us part of their family. It has become a time-honoured tradition among our ex-orphans to circle back after giving birth to babies of their own, simply to share the joy with the people who raised them. In fact, this time of year is always full of such happy reunions. It's our version of 'home for the holidays'!

By adopting an orphaned elephant, rhino, or giraffe — either as a gift for yourself, or for someone special — you make these stories possible. Our adoption program is entirely digital, making it eco-friendly and easily deliverable on a date of your choosing. Recipients are notified of their gift via email, on the date chosen by the giver. Adopters receive:

– Personalised adoption certificate
– Exclusive Orphans’ Project update, which is sent monthly via email
– Downloadable wildlife watercolours by Angela Sheldrick
– Access to the latest Keepers’ Diaries and the updates featuring your orphan
– Downloadable images of your adopted orphan for your personal use
– First-look at our new monthly videos

If you're having trouble selecting an orphan, we suggest choosing one at our Nairobi Nursery or Kaluku Neonate Unit, so your recipient can be part of their orphan's journey from the very beginning.

Above, we have gathered photos of a few of the youngest orphans currently in our care, including Chamboi the orphaned rhino, Natibu the orphaned elephant, Twiggy the orphaned giraffe, Talek the orphaned elephant, Mokogodo the orphaned elephant, Raha the orphaned rhino, Pardamat the orphaned elephant, and Taroha the orphaned elephant. But with more than 120 orphans currently dependent on our care, plus generations now living wild, there are so many more faces to be met!

Adopt an Orphan This Holiday Season

Gifting the adoption of an orphaned elephant, rhino, or giraffe is an eco-friendly present that lasts the entire year. Your lucky recipient will virtually 'unwrap' their gift on the date of your choosing, and then will continue to receive monthly email updates for the duration of the adoption.
Gift an Adoption

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