Celebrating Earth Day

Published on the 22nd of April, 2022

“All life has but one home — the earth — and we, as the dominant species, must take care of it.” Dame Daphne Sheldrick

This year, we celebrate Earth Day with the theme ‘invest in our planet.’ Working on the frontlines of conservation, we know how high the stakes are: Human activities are disrupting weather patterns, destroying habitats, and driving climate change. A long and brutal dry season devastated Tsavo towards the end of last year, and swathes of northern Kenya remain without rain. It has been a challenging time on the conservation front, as we grapple with daily field emergencies, an uptick in illegal activities, and an influx of orphans.

Here on the ground in Kenya, we are working hard to protect our home — everyone’s home. It is solely through the generosity of donors that we are able to do so. Your support allows us to rescue and raise orphaned elephants, conduct anti-poaching patrols, save injured and ill wildlife, secure vulnerable habitats before they are lost forever, while supporting and sensitising local communities.

In the past year alone, supporters like you helped us launch several ambitious projects that lay the foundations for long-term conservation:

To combat ever-present and emerging threats, we added five new Anti-Poaching Teams to the field.

We launched a new Mobile Vet Unit in the Rift Valley, expanding our veterinary presence to an area that is grappling with bushmeat poaching, human-wildlife conflict, and competition over resources.

Through public-private partnerships, we increased protected areas across the country, securing valuable landscapes for the future of elephants and all wildlife. We proudly took over management of Galana Wildlife Conservancy and the Shimba Hills - Mwaluganje elephant corridor, building off the conservation management template that has already transformed the Kibwezi Forest and KARI Ranch.

In the past six months, we have rescued new orphaned elephants on a weekly basis. These babies will remain in our care for upwards of a decade.

The Kibwezi Forest Tree Nursery hit its planting target of 55,680 tree seedlings in 2021, which is its current growing capacity. Through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, we planted more than 4.6 million mangrove seedlings planted on Kenya's coast in 2021.

It is a difficult time for our natural world, but everywhere we look, we see reminders of how the work is making an impact: Ravaged ecosystems restored to their natural glory, all manner of creatures brought back from the brink, wild babies born to elephants raised by our hand.

Your support is what makes this all possible. If you are in a position to invest in our planet this Earth Day, please consider making a contribution towards our conservation work. Together, we can take care of the one place we all call home.

Celebrate Earth Day with a Donation

Supporters like you make our work possible. Every donation has an enormous impact, allowing us to rescue more orphans, secure greater habitats, and expand our conservation projects across the country.

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