Elephant Diaries II now available on DVD

You can order your copy direct from the DSWT’s UK charity for just £10

You can order your copy direct from the DSWT’s UK charity for just £10.99, (25% off RRP)

For UK Orders

If you live in the UK, place your order at: http://www.elephantdiaries.org/shopping or call us on 01372 844 608

For Rest of the World Orders

If you live outside the UK, you have two alternative options available for ordering this DVD from us, which are shown below.

Before ordering, please be aware that this DVD is in PAL Format and will play on Region 2, 4 and Multi-region DVD players – we would advise you to check you will be able to play this DVD on your machine before proceeding with an order.

Option 1 – Via the DSWT’s UK Charity Pages

1. Calculate your total order value, using the price and delivery information below.

Price per copy of Elephant Diaries 2:       GBP£10.99

Delivery to Europe:                                 GBP£3.50

Delivery to Rest of the World:                  GBP£3.99

If you order more than one copy, you need to increase the delivery charges due, by an extra £0.50, for each additional copy ordered.

2. Once you have calculated the cost of your order, please make your payment by selecting the ‘CREDIT/DEBIT CARD’ button on the following webpage: http://www.elephantdiaries.org/donating

3. Once you have made your payment, please send an email to our UK Charity [email protected] confirming the amount paid and number of items ordered.  Please be sure to include your full name and delivery address in this email.  On receipt of your email, we will aim to dispatch your order within 3 working days.

Option 2 – Via the DSWT’s eBay listing (available 29 May to 28 June 2009)

To order via the DSWT’s eBay listing, go to: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190309265438

Please be aware that only orders for Elephant Diaries 2 placed with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, via its’ websites or its’ eBay listing, will generate any funds for the care of the orphaned elephants featured in the Series.

So when you order your copy from us, you will not only be getting over 2 hours of insightful film making, you will also be helping to care for the elephants featured in the series!

Official Summary of Series 2 DVD

The little elephant orphans are back! It's time to catch up on some old friends and meet some new ones as they face some of the biggest challenges of their short lives.

Michaela Strachan and Jonathan Scott return to Kenya to visit the orphaned baby elephants rescued by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Jonathan's reunion with Emily reveals a massive surprise, but he also discovers that Wendi, once the leader of the baby elephants, is now a 4 year-old with an identity crisis. Meanwhile, Michaela catches up with Lualeni who has transformed from a grief-stricken orphan to a mini-matriarch - with an extraordinarily intense bond with the youngest orphan, Makena.

We meet the blind Ndololo; watch a dramatic rescue attempt from a poacher's snare; enjoy a special game of elephant football and in a final twist of the series, track the fate of a newly-rescued tiny orphan baby, found next to his mother's body.