Equipping a Community Hospital

Published on the 3rd of January, 2024

Healthy communities and successful conservation go hand-in-hand. That is why we were honoured to donate a full suite of critical medical equipment to a community hospital in Tsavo, supporting our neighbours and boosting medical capabilities in the county.

Mtito-Andei Sub-County Hospital is a lifeline for communities in the Tsavo ecosystem. Strategically located between two national parks — Tsavo East and Tsavo West — it is a crucial care centre in this remote and largely rural part of Kenya. This particular hospital is near and dear to us, figuratively and literally: Many members of our team and their families live in this area, and it is also the local hospital for our Kaluku Field Headquarters.

In 2023, we received a letter from the administrator of Mtito-Andei Sub-County Hospital, highlighting a need for a newborn Resuscitaire machine and baby incubators. Given that Community Outreach is one of our core conservation projects, we welcomed the opportunity to provide support — and we wanted to see if there were additional ways we could bolster the hospital’s capabilities.

After visiting the hospital, we identified several areas that would benefit from new and upgraded equipment. On 6th December 2023, Angela Sheldrick, Robert Carr-Hartley, and several members of the SWT team presented the Mtito-Andei Sub-County Hospital and Governor Mutula Kilonzo Junior, the governor of Makueni County, with the following equipment donated by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust:

Portable X-ray machine
Portable ultrasound
Resuscitaire infant warmer
Automated haematology analyser
Automated chemistry analyser
Electric microscope
i-Chroma analyser
Baby incubators (x5)
Dental chair
Oxygen concentrators (x3)
Multi-parameter patient monitors (x2)
Infusion drip stands (x10)
Stretchers (x5)
Medicine trolleys (x3)
Dressing trolleys (x5)
Beds + mattresses (x20)
Industrial laundry washer and dryer (x2)
200-litre freezers (x4)
No-frost refrigerators (x4)

This state-of-the-art equipment will help the hospital provide comprehensive care for all patients. The Resuscitaire infant warmer and incubators will improve neonatal capabilities, while the X-ray machine, ultrasound, analysers, and other machines will help doctors offer even better care. Equally important are the stretchers, trolleys, beds, and other equipment that enhance the hospital’s operations and accommodations.

The governor of Makueni County, Governor Mutula Kilonzo Junior, and his administration have made a commitment to work with strategic partners to attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and improve the quality of life for Makueni citizens. We are proud to be one of those strategic partners.

We would like to thank our donors for helping us support our local community and boost the county’s hospital network. This equipment will be put to good use, saving lives of all ages and enhancing medical care in the Tsavo area.

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