Introducing the Ele-tee

Published on the 12th of August, 2019

More than a t-shirt, the Ele-tee unlocks an animated story featuring some of the elephant orphans rescued and raised by the SWT, inspiring and educating children around the issues facing elephants.

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What better day than today, World Elephant Day, to introduce you to our brand new addition at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust... the Ele-tee. It’s an adorable elephant-shaped t-shirt that unlocks an original animated short film that sheds light on some of the threats facing our beloved elephants.

Even more than a super cute t-shirt, it also comes with an important story, illustrated by celebrated children’s author Ronojoy Ghosh, animated by an Academy Award-winners Passion Pictures and narrated by Kate Upton. The storybook brings to life the tale of ‘Garzi the Orphan’, an elephant rescued by the SWT when he was just 18-months-old after his mother was believed killed by poachers.

A heartfelt tale – Garzi’s animated story highlights the very real threats faced by African Elephants today, including droughts caused by the climate crisis, habitat loss due to infrastructure development, human-wildlife conflict over space and food, and ivory poaching. It also includes some of the other orphans rescued and raised by the Trust, who has since reintegrated back into the wild and become a mum, and of course the Keepers make an appearance - how could they not!

The t-shirt has been designed with children in mind - though our in-office trials (we could not resist trying them on) have revealed that the larger youth size can cater for smaller adults. Those purchasing the Ele-tee receive a special card and code with their t-shirt, providing them unique access to the wonderfully animated Garzi film.

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As with all merchandise sold by the Trust, all profits from the sale of the Ele-tee will go towards our work protecting wildlife and habitats in Kenya, including our Orphans’ Project, which provided Garzi with his second chance, Anti-Poaching Operations, Aerial Surveillance, Veterinary Initiatives, Saving Habitats and Community Outreach.

We hope the Ele-tee and the animated experience it unlocks sparks your interest and we would like to say a special thank you to whiteGREY, Passion Pictures, Kate Upton and Unbnd for all freely giving their time, energy, creativity and enthusiasm to this campaign, so that we could bring it to life and help save more elephant lives this World Elephant Day and far beyond.