Ivory Victims



People say to us “How can you carry on, amidst so much heartbreak and tragedy; amidst so many setbacks and such profound suffering” - The answer is that we take our cue from the elephants themselves, who witness suffering and heartbreak on an almost daily basis, yet still have the courage to turn the page and focus on the living. Saving the Elephants is a cause that The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust will never give up for it has been a struggle that has spanned a lifetime and will continue as long as Elephants exist on the planet. We will do what we can, whenever we can, and with the support of caring people all over the world we will continue to do our utmost, and our best, just as we always have.

Elephants are an iconic species - just like us, but better than us in many mysterious ways. Although the largest and most powerful land mammal on earth, they are essentially gentle and caring, slow to anger, and endowed with a compassion that extends beyond their own species. Emotionally identical to us, they are genetically with the same sense of family and of death and with mysterious perceptive abilities beyond human comprehension, but which are real and beyond dispute. To this there are many witnesses spanning the years involving the orphans we have reared. We have spent a lifetime struggling to rear their orphaned young; desperately doing whatever we can to protect those living wild, amongst whom are those we have hand-reared from early infancy and who honor us by sharing with us their wild-born young. We have treated their sick and wounded, saved the lives of magnificent majestic bulls whose ivory tusks reach to the ground – those who have managed to survive the cruel Ivory Trade and the avariciousness of humankind who would kill them for the value of their ivory teeth. We monitor their movements from the skies, and watch them on the ground, filled with wonder and awe at every occasion.

Saving the Elephants is something that everybody, everywhere must share for everyone has a voice. We must speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves and by doing so, at least you will have tried. That, in itself, is a noble cause for a world without Elephants will be a world not worth living in. Said Chief Seattle “…..Man would die from great loneliness of spirit”.

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