KWS/DSWT Mobile Vet Unit Comes to Aid of Poisoned Lions in the Mara

On Sunday morning at 8

On Sunday morning at 8.00am Patrick Reynolds of Governors Camp in the Masai Mara received a call that some of the lions from the famous Marsh Pride were acting strangely collapsing and suffering from spasms. Patrick immediately called the DSWT funded Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit headed by KWS Veterinary officer Dr. Limo who were on the scene by 11.30am.

Dr. Limo, confirmed that up to five lions had suffered from ingesting a poison of some description including a 2 year old sub adult male whose mother is Sienna, the lioness we have successfully treated for severe injuries on a number of occasions. Sienna remains unaccounted for, while the 2 year old son has responded well to treatment and is looking brighter today, having been guarded all night to keep him safe from Hyenas as he recuperated.

Dr. Limo began treating the lions yesterday and today the DSWT is flying in emergency supplies of Atropine Sulphate, an additional helpful antidote for poisoning. Tragically one older lioness from the Marsh Pride has died as a result of this poisoning incident and the Mara Veterinary Team is back on site today treating some more lions from the pride.

KWS report that three people have been arrested in connection with the poisoning of the lions. Being an endangered species, if found guilty, the three could face fines of $200,000 or life imprisonment.

(Images courtesy of Patrick Reynolds)