Accelerating Conservation with Vehicle Donations

Published on the 7th of June, 2022

When it comes to protecting Kenya’s vast landscapes, field-ready vehicles get teams into gear, enabling them to patrol great distances and rapidly respond to threats.

Angela Sheldrick handing over the keys to Director General Brig. (Retired) John Waweru of the KWS

On 7th June, we proudly handed over the keys of two Land Cruisers to Director General Brig. (Retired) John Waweru of the Kenya Wildlife Service. The donation of these fully customised vehicles will further conservation in two of Kenya’s notable ecosystems.

The first Land Cruiser will support KWS wildlife security in the Western Conservation Area. This region includes Mount Elgon, an ancient volcanic mountain on the Kenyan Uganda border. Beneath its towering exterior hides a labyrinth of caves, including the famous Kitum Cave, where elephants wander deep underground to excavate its mineral bounty. The region also encompasses the picturesque Kerio Valley, which lies between the Tugen Hills and the Elgeyo Escarpment. It is an enormous area to patrol, home to all manner of creatures. The donated vehicle will help security teams in the region protect wildlife and help combat threats to conservation.

The northern sector of Tsavo East, where one of the donated vehicles is bound

The second Land Cruiser is bound for the northern sector of Tsavo East National Park. This area is near and dear to us, as it is home to the orphaned elephants at our Ithumba Reintegration Unit. In recent years, the northern sector has also become known for its concentration of wild elephants, from big bulls to natal herds, and other endangered species, such as African wild dogs and leopards. Stretching north of the Galana River, this part of Tsavo is as remote as it is vast. The donated vehicle will support KWS efforts to combat poaching in the region, in tandem with our Anti-Poaching Teams.

Two fully customised Land Cruisers donated to the KWS

As we are reminded every day, mobility is key to conservation success. We are proud to support the KWS and keep teams in motion across Kenya.

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