Reuniting a One-Week-Old Buffalo Calf With His Mother

Published on the 19th of January, 2024

While we are best known for rescuing orphaned elephants, rhinos, and other creatures, our primary goal is to keep wild families together, whenever possible. Today’s heartwarming reunion operation delivered on that mission.

19th January 2024 — Report from the SWT/KWS Meru Mobile Vet Unit:

Today, the SWT/KWS Meru Vet Unit received reports of an abandoned buffalo calf. During a tour of Meru National Park, a driver had spotted the calf on his own, presumably separated from his herd during movement. The driver noted that he was very small (and thus highly vulnerable), which added a further layer of urgency to his situation.

The team mobilised to the scene, where they found the young buffalo on his own. KWS veterinarian Dr Aminga conducted a physical examination and determined that the calf to be approximately one week old and in overall good health. The calf underwent oral rehydration and was relocated to a shaded area, which provided relief and protection against the intense sunlight.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team endeavoured to locate the calf’s natal herd. This was a challenging undertaking, as Meru has a thriving population of buffalos. The team encountered several herds where the mother was not present. After an extensive search, they had a breakthrough: A group was identified in which a female was showing signs of distress and standing apart from the herd.

The team drove the calf to the scene. He was successfully reunited with his mother, and the pair joyfully rejoined the rest of their herd.

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