Satao Table Auction

Over 20 years ago, Kenya-based Michael J

Over 20 years ago, Kenya-based Michael J. Calnan was visited by a member of the Mozambique Mkonde tribe, Bernard, who sought employment as a gardener. Over the months and years that followed, Bernard’s incredible natural talent in wood carving was awakened. It culminated in the creation of one of the most unique and beautiful tables in the world, shaped from the root of a Mvule tree, the Satao Table.

The natural beauty of the table is reflected through each unique and detailed elephant which has been hand-carved into the wood to represent Kenya’s magnificent wild elephant herds. At a time when elephants are facing their biggest threat to survival due to continued ivory poaching, the ‘Satao Table’ offers hope for Kenya’s elephants in raising vital funds and awareness for the DSWT’s Anti-Poaching and life-saving wildlife conservation projects.