Siena, the Marsh Pride Lioness and her road to recovery

It has been a long road for the Marsh Pride lioness, Siena, who was gored by a buffalo on the 4th April 2014

However, after three months her wound is almost completely healed. Not only was Siena’s life saved by the quick action of Governors Camp and the KWS/DSWT Sky Vet Initiative, but also all three of her cubs have survived.

The SWT was alerted to Siena’s injury by Governors Camp who witnessed the incident and immediately sent a team to help. Both DSWT and Governors Camp have monitored her progress since then and Siena has been subsequently treated three times. As Siena had young cubs the risks of any treatment were weighed carefully as the anesthetic could have lowered her milk production.

On 10th April the wound was a little infected so Siena was darted and the wound was cleaned and resutured.

However, on the 14th and 28th April Siena only needed a further dose of antibiotics as the deepest part of the wound had already closed. The muscle was healing nicely and there was no sign of infection. Since then the skin has slowly regenerated and has now almost completely covered the wound.

Governors Camp has reported back to the SWT that Siena’s wound has continued to heal and doesn't impede her in any way. She has been seen hunting and feeding well and her cubs couldn't be healthier.

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