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Published on the 12th of May, 2020

To enter Tsavo is to step into another world — a better world — where nature reigns. From the moment the sun bursts above the horizon to when brilliant stars scatter the night sky, every minute offers a new revelation. There is a reason we chose this ecosystem as the place where our orphaned elephants are reintegrated into the wild. In our increasingly connected existence, it remains untouched by mankind. The sights and sounds of humanity are replaced by the chattering of birds and the whir of the wind swirling across the savannah, punctuated by the occasional rumble of an elephant or roar of a lion.

We wanted to share the magic of Tsavo with our supporters, the people who make our conservation work possible. That was our singular goal in developing our Eco Lodges, an extraordinary safari opportunity for the sustainably-minded traveller. By staying in these lodges, you not only get to experience the orphans’ journey firsthand, but you also directly contribute to the continued protection of the Tsavo Conservation Area: All proceeds from the Eco Lodges are reinvested into our field projects, and supporting our vital conservation efforts in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service.

At a time when many of us are ensconced in the safety of our homes — but very much looking forward to future adventures — our Eco Lodges present an enchanting destination. Each one is built in harmony with the unique wilderness in which it sits, totally removed from the stresses of civilization. We wanted to create an experience that feels like a luxurious home in the bush, which is why the Eco Lodges are booked exclusively. This allows guests to completely immerse themselves in the surrounding wilderness, without interruptions or distractions from the outside world. Everything is personally tailored, with a fantastic team of chefs, waiters, stewards, and guides offering discreet and attentive service.

Each Eco Lodge sits within close proximity to one of our three Reintegration Units, and guests are granted access to visit the orphaned elephants there. There are three camps in Ithumba, the northern area of Tsavo East National Park that David Sheldrick deemed a “jewel in the crown”; two on the Galana River, a nexus for Kenya’s most iconic species; and one in the Kibwezi Forest, a lush groundwater forest on the base of rolling hills.

Ithumba Camp, Ithumba Hill Camp, and Ithumba Private invite you to meet generations of elephants and sleep beneath the endless sky. Sitting in the northern sector of Tsavo, this is one of Kenya’s hidden gems and a world away from civilization. More than 40 orphans are currently dependent on us at our Ithumba Reintegration Unit, with a further 70 now living wild. It is always a popular destination for visiting wild elephants, and it is common for massive bulls, ex orphans, and their babies to stop by.

From Galdessa Camp or Galdessa Little, take a game drive to our Voi Reintegration Unit, where David and Daphne raised their first orphaned elephants during the 30 years they lived in Tsavo. These exquisite camps, nestled on the banks of the Galana River, offer a front row seat to watch Kenya’s wild world unfold; at any given moment, you might see hippos wallowing in the river, crocodiles soaking up the sun’s rays, or elephants strolling on the sandy river banks.

At Umani Springs, explore a unique groundwater forest and get to know some of our most remarkable rescued elephants. Tucked beneath the trees of the ancient Kibwezi Forest, this classic African lodge offers a luxurious getaway within a pristine wilderness. Here, you can meet the members of our Umani Springs Reintegration Unit, extraordinary creatures who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to not only survive, but thrive.

To stay in one Eco Lodge is to experience a jewel amongst Kenya’s wild places; to stay in them all is to discover the entire crown. Nothing gives us greater joy than sharing these special places with our supporters. When travel is once more a possibility, we hope to have the opportunity to share them with you. In the meantime, we can happily report that Tsavo continues to thrive — and when circumstances allow, it will be here waiting for you, in all its gorgeous, natural splendor.

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