The Casualties of the Poaching War

Wildlife is at war in Kenya

Wildlife is at war in Kenya. Elephants, rhinos, lions, zebra, antelopes...they are all now part of the battle for survival against the enemy who are everywhere and nowhere. The poachers of Kenya are the desperate silent assassins of the ivory, rhino horn and bushmeat trade, whose syndicates lurk in the shadows with fistfuls of cash and bloodstained deals.

Whilst petitions are signed, pleas are made, hearings are heard and awareness is spread, the wild denizens on the frontline are being crushed largely as a result of the insatiable demand from the Far East.

Bullets, spears, poisoned arrows and wire snares are the weapons of choice against which Kenya's wildlife is helpless. The victims of this war are in their hundreds, and only a few are ever found - dead, dying or painfully alive.

Together with the Kenyan Wildlife Service within the vast Tsavo Conservation Area and Maasai Mara Triangle the DSWT Anti-Poaching Teams and Mobile Veterinary Units are struggling to lessen the bloody warfare, treating the wounded, rescuing the abandoned and protecting the vulnerable, yet the scale of this battle, which will never be justly measured, has reached deadly heights, threatening to disfigure Kenya indefinitely.

Every month the reports of animal casualties are escalating. The Kenya Wildlife Service Vets anchored to the DSWT mobile units have been besieged by disturbing cases demanding urgent action.

Multiple poisoned arrow wounds, snared severed flesh, fractured limbs, peritonitis and septicemia, shattered femurs and festering axe wounds are just a few of the cases recounted in October's veterinary reports

The DSWT is forever grateful for all its supporters and any kind donations, large and small, which powers our brave field units and motivates us all during such dire times.