The Development of Kamunyu Primary School

After over three months of construction Kamunyu Primary School’s new classrooms are very near to completion

After over three months of construction Kamunyu Primary School’s new classrooms are very near to completion. Through a very generous donation, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust dedicated funds to building three new high standard classrooms for the children and staff of Kamunyu in support of creating a better learning environment and promoting the importance of wildlife conservation.

The area of Kamunyu lies within the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Peregrine Conservation Area bordering Tsavo East National Park. These new classrooms come after previous support over the years including desk donations, sports equipment, film shows, tree donations, and the chance for the children to spend a field day in either Tsavo East or West National Parks.

Previously Kamunyu School had an inadequate number of poorly built classrooms for the high number of children enrolled in the school. These conditions forced children to learn in cramped and uncomfortable mud-built structures taught by teachers lacking the space and facilities needed for an environment conducive to teaching or learning, where even lighting and temperature can affect student achievement. 

These new classrooms have been built to offer a cooler, lighter and more comfortable environment for the children with large windows, firm flooring and high ceilings creating a spacious learning area. Kamunyu Primary School has shown huge appreciation for the new classrooms as highlighted within a letter written to the DSWT from the schools head master Mr Ndunda “The Kamunyu Primary School as a family of pupils, parents and teachers would like to give many thanks to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for their continued and tireless support… we are promising that we will strive to compliment your efforts by ensuring that we produce good academic results.”

Reflected through all of the DSWT’s Community Outreach programs is a strong message of conservation and a joint commitment in protecting the area’s wildlife and environment. Kamunyu School has embraced this message over the years “…we are promising to continually work hand in hand with you to maintain your heartbeat that is environmental conservation so as to achieve and maintain a healthy environment which you have been advocating in Kenya for many years.”

The DSWT is committed to providing as much support as possible through its Community Outreach program, and is hugely grateful to all those who donate towards these projects.