The DSWT & Waves Foundation Tsavo Sports Day

The annual Tsavo Sports Day took place on the 23rd October this year at Gideon Mosi Primary School thanks to the Waves Charitable Trust and the DSWT

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The annual Tsavo Sports Day took place on the 23rd October this year at Gideon Mosi Primary School thanks to the Waves Charitable Trust and the DSWT. This tournament, which first began in 2014, brings together four schools to compete in Netball and Soccer sporting events.  This year the competing schools included Kalambe, Gimba, Sowa and Gideon Mosi Primary Schools, which all border the South western corner of Tsavo East National Park.

Apart from taking part in sporting events, children from these underprivileged schools had an opportunity to interact with each other whilst the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust could use this fun occasion to further educate Kenya’s next generation on the importance of wildlife conservation to all in attendance including parents, teachers and other community members.

The tournament started at 9:00am with a short introduction from the host’s school head teacher and from the DSWT’s Community Officer.  The participating schools were introduced to the work the DSWT is doing in their area from anti-poaching initiatives to raising conservation awareness.  The Waves Charitable Trust was then introduced, who sponsored the sports day. Funded by The Waves Charitable Trust, the children competed for the Netball and Football Tsavo Kerrigan Cup, which is named in honor of the Waves’ family son Kerrigan who passed away in Kenya and who always showed a passion in working with Kenya’s children and loved sports.

After the speeches, the match officials who were drawn from the participating schools took charge, arranging the tournament matches. The games started with the host school taking on Kalambe Primary school in both netball and football which was followed by Gimba and Sowa Schools. Afterwards, the winners of the initial matches played in the finals.


1st Match

Gideon Mosi 17:Kalambe 10

2nd Match

Sowa 11: Gimba 10

3rd Match

Gimba 3: Kalambe 5


Gideon Mosi 8: Sowa 2


1st Match

Gideon Mosi 7: Kalambe 0

2nd Match

Gimba 0: Sowa 6

3rd Match

Kalambe 2: Gimba 1


Gideon Mosi 3: Sowa 0

After the match events, winning schools in the respective games were announced with Gideon Mosi winning in both Netball and Soccer. The ‘Fair Player Awards’ were awarded to Serah Mghoi from Gideon Mosi and Simeon Mwakale from Gimba Primary being the fairest player in netball and football respectively.

Events such as these are not only great fun but hugely effective in building school and community spirit.  Such like last year, this Tsavo Sports Day was a great success and the participating schools were very grateful to Waves and the DSWT for making it all possible.