King Charles III and Queen Camilla Visit Our Nairobi Nursery

Published on the 1st of November, 2023

We were honoured to welcome King Charles III and Queen Camilla to our Nairobi Nursery this afternoon.

Their Majesties were received by Angela Sheldrick, Robert Carr-Hartley, and several members of our team, including James Mbuthia, SWT Habitat Protection Officer; George Mwau Muthui, SWT Operations Commander; and Head Keeper Edwin Lusichi and the Nursery Keepers. As you can see, the orphaned elephants and little Raha were delighted to meet the King and Queen, too!

President Ruto invited Their Majesties to Kenya as our nation prepares to celebrate 60 years of independence. Both the King and Queen are highly dedicated environmentalists. As joint presidents of Elephant Family, a charity dedicated to preserving endangered Asian wildlife, they already champion our pachyderm cousins, the Asian elephant.

During their visit to our Nairobi Nursery, we were able to discuss issues that impact both species, namely coexistence and the management of wild spaces, and share more about our conservation work to protect Kenya’s wildlife and support the communities who live alongside them. Their Majesties also had the opportunity to meet the orphaned elephants in our care. Mzinga was particularly curious, as was Raha!

It was a privilege to shine a spotlight on Kenya’s conservation heroes — people who go far beyond the call of duty, day and night, to save Kenya’s orphaned elephants and secure a future for all wildlife.

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