SWT/KWS Quarterly Mobile Vet Report July to September 2019

Published on the 24th of October, 2019

During the July – September 2019, 3-month reporting period, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and their five dedicated field veterinary officers, attended to 134 wildlife cases.

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Of the 134 cases attended to, 50 cases were directly related to poaching. Of the 50 poaching cases, 30 involved elephants; 12 poisoned arrows, 6 spear cases, 5 bullet wound cases, 5 snaring cases and 2 post-mortems where the direct cause could not be determined due to the decomposition of the carcass but was assumed to be related to poaching. There were also 4 human-elephant conflict cases involving a bullet wound, a possible vehicle accident resulting in a broken leg, an elephant that died from wounds suspected to have been caused during conflict and one elephant that was accidentally electrocuted. Other elephant cases included 7 treatments for natural causes, 8 post-mortems where cause of death was assumed to be natural, 6 rescues and 3 collaring exercises where a total of 7 elephants were collared.