SWT/KWS Quarterly Mobile Vet Report October to December 2019

Published on the 16th of January, 2020

During October – December 2019 SWT in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service, attended to 88 wildlife cases, involving 124 animals. The number of cases decreased towards the end of the quarter due to heavy rains which made many areas of Kenya inaccessible, but also provided plentiful forage and water for wildlife, humans and livestock.

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Of the 88 cases attended to, 24 cases included elephants; only 8 of these cases were directly related to poaching, including 3 arrow wounds, 2 spear wounds, 2 bullet wounds and 1 snaring case. There was only 1 human-wildlife conflict case where an elephant was euthanised due to an injury most likely caused by a vehicle. Other elephant cases included 8 treatments for natural causes, 5 post-mortems, the rescue of an elephant that was found in a 40ft gorge, and the collaring of an elephant in a herd that was reportedly crop raiding.

The full report, covering all cases can be viewed below;