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A keeper monitoring Aitong's group

Aitong, Tsavo, weetsally and morani drinking wat

Aitong at a waterhole

Aitong & Moran

Aitong takes a little rest

Aitong, Laikipia and a wild boy

Aitong feeding

Salama and Aitong

Laikipia & Aitong feeding

Aitong enjoys feeding on grass & creepers

Salama and Aitong

Aitong heading to the water hole

Ndara between Emily and Aitong


Aitong & Sweet Sally feeding

Aitong has lost part of her tusk

Aitong &young ones in the company of a wild bull

Emily & Aitong with the wild bull inbetween them

Emily and Aitong at the stockades

Emily Sweet Sally Aitong and Tsavo

Aitong and Sweet Sally at the stockade

Emily, Aitong, Tsavo & Sweet Sally

Sweet Sally, Tsavo and Aitong crossing the road

Emily, Aitong & Sweet Sally meet at the stockades

Emily, Aitong and Sweet Sally visit the stockades

Emily, Aitong & Sweet Sally feeding with orphans

Aitong and Emily feeding at the stockade

Aitong meets up with the orphans on Mazinga hill

Aitong and Sweet Sally

Aitong, Sweet Sally and Emily visit the stockades

Aitong & Sweet Sally drinking at the stockades

Mweya and Aitong

Aitong and Sweet Sally

Emily, Aitong and Sally meet up with the orphans

Sweet Sally and Aitong

Illingwezi and Aitong

Aitong at the back of the group

Aitong leads the babies

Aitong greets Nyiro

Aitong, Sally and Emily see the others to bed

Aitong and Edo enjoy a mudwallow together

Natumi welcomes Emily and Aitong

Emily and Aitong

Ndara greets Aitong and Emily

Aitong and Emily

Aitong tests her strength with a wild cow

Aitong with a wild friend

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