Archival pictures of Ajabu

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Little Ajabu


The calf under the plane with the keepers

The calf is placed in the stockade and straps undone

Watching over the calf during the flight

The tiny calf

The rescue vehicle awaits the team from Nairobi

The keepers greet and reassure the calf

The calf is offloaded from the vehicle at the airstrip

The calf with Mishack

The calf is strapped in for the flight

The calf is loaded into the plane

The calf in the stockade soon after arrival

The calf arrives at the nursery

The airstrip

Sweet Ajabu

Sucking a keepers fingers

Securing the claf's legs for the flight

Preparing the calf for the flight

Offloading the calf from the plane after arriving at Wilson

In the back of the pick up on the way to the nursery

The calf having some milk

Curious Geri

The keepers arrive at Wilson for the flight

Angela Sheldrick with the new calf

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