Archival pictures of Ajok

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Ajok's pale eyes

Ajok on the left of Ndume

Ajok browsing

Ajok and Edo

Ajok and Ndume

Ajok and Ndume playing

Malaika and Ndume with Ajok behind

Ajok and Dika

Eleanor supervizes the Tsavo herd with Ajok in their midst

Ajok with the Tsavo herd

Ajok greeting his old nursery mates now down in Tsavo

Ajok being introduced to his new surroundings in Tsavo

Ajok feeding


Relaxing with the keepers

Ajok having mik

Ajok in the mudwallow

Ajok with two of his keepers

Ajok and his zebra friend

Ajok and Zebra at mudbath

The zebra gets a hug from Ajok

Ajok greets the zebra

Mudbath time for Ajok

A keeper getting a big hug from Ajok

Ajok jhaving his milk

Ajok and Magua the zebra

Ajok and Magua the zebra

Ajok with Daphne

Baby Ajok

Ajoki and Zebra friends

Ajok's rescue

Ajok's rescue

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