Archival pictures of Alamaya

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Oltaiyoni with Alamaya

Oltaiyoni greeting Alamaya

Olsekki, Alamaya, Oltaiyoni

Barsilinga, Alamaya, Suswa and Lemoyian

In the forest

Alamaya in the forest with the other orphans

Alamaya out in the forest

Alamaya greeted by the other orphans

Alamaya leaves his stockade

The orphans with Alamaya in the bush

Alamaya in his stockade

The calf is placed in the stockade and his wounds treated

Arriving at the Nursery at night

The calf's injuries caused by hyaena before treatment

Making sure the calf is secure in the pickup

The calf in the Trust pickup

Offloading the calf

Coming in to land at Wilson

On the plane on the way back to Nairobi

The calf on the tarpaulin about

Offloading the calf onto the tarpaulin

Sunset in the Mara at departure

The calf in the back of the vehicle

Preparing the tarpaulin and checking on the calf

The vet unit team with the calf in the back of the vehicle

Arriving in the Mara

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