Archival pictures of Arruba

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Arruba and the Orphan go off into the forest

Arruba is let out to be with the other Orphans

Arruba with the orphans in the forest

Murera greets Arruba


Arruba in her stockade

The new calf in the stockade at Voi

Wasessa outside the stockade greeting the calf

Wasessa greeting the rescued calf

Rescuing the orphaned calf

Off loading the calf at the Voi stockade

Loading the young calf into the vehicle

The new calf is called Arruba

The calf in the training stockade

The calf is placed in the training stockade in Nairobi

The calf is loaded into the pickup to drive back to the Nursery

The rescue plane arrives back at Wilson with its precious cargo

On the way back to Nairobi

An orphan baby ele walking alone in Aruba

An orphan baby ele alone in Aruba

The rescue team

Boarding the plane to fly to Tsavo

On the way

The young calf eating some greens

Some of the ex orphans

Capturing the calf for the flight

The captured calf's face is covered in an effort to keep her calm

Securing the calf's legs

Carrying the calf out of the stockade

Preparing to load the calf into the pickup

The calf is loaded into the pickup

loading the calf into the rescue plane

The calf inside the rescue plane

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