Archival pictures of Ashaka

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Ashaka playing with a leaf

Ashaka and Kamok always together

Ashaka with her close friend Kamok

Ashaka in the bushes

Ashaka out in the park

Ashaka playing with a keeper

Ashaka following Mishack

Little Ashaka

Ashaka playing with her trunk

Ashaka in her stockade

Ashaka following her keeper into the stockade

Ashaka outside the stockade a day after arrival

Standing in the shade with a keeper

The tiny orphaned calf at Manyani

Strapping the calf's legs for the flight

Manyani staff and kids with the orphan

The Voi keepers pickup

The calf is placed on the tarpauline

Near the plane with the Nairobi keepers

The tiny little calf with a blanket

The young calf with a keeper and a KWS staff member

The calf following a keeper around the Manyani grounds

The orphan calf standing near the pickup

A keeper giving the calf some milk

The young orphaned calf with a Voi keeper

The young calf is called Ashaka

Ashaka soon after arrivals sucking a keepers fingers

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