Archival pictures of Boromoko

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Sweet Boromoko

Sucking a keepers fingers

Boromoko out in the field



Boromoko attached to his keepers

Boromoko out in the bush with the other orphans

Boromoko in his stockade before going out

The calf is named Boromoko

The sweet calf is named Boromoko

The calf in the stockade soon after arrival

The keepers get out of the way

The calf on its feet with the help of the keepers

Removing the straps

The calf in the stockade

Arrival at the Nursery

Driving back to the Nursery

Offloading the calf at Wilson Airport

During the flight

The calf is placed on the drip

Loading the calf

The calf is loaded into the plane

Loading the calf into the plane

Heading back to the rescue plane

In the pickup after capture

The calf is restrained

The captured calf

The calf is captured

Negotiating the capture

The orphaned calf

The rescue plane and pilot

The airstrip at Kichwa Tembo

Elephant herd

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