Archival pictures of Challa

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Unloading the calf from the Ziwani de-snaring vehicle

Three stalwart local teenagers, named Mboi, Maingi and Chale, were instrumental in the successful capture of this calf

The rescue aircraft

Securing Challa for the flight

Rapsu and Challa

Loading the calf onto the aircraft

Challa is introduced to the other orphans on the second day

Edwin and Challa

Challa weak and totally dehydrated is given milk before the flight

Challa gaunt and dehydrated, his skin like wrinkled parchment

Challa walking in front of Makena and Naserian

Challa on board the rescue plane

Challa having had his first mudbath at the Nursery

Challa being transported from Ziwani to Nairobi

A terrified calf in the back of the de-snaring landrover. The de-snaring team had been contacted by the community to rescue the calf

Challa arrives at the airstrip in the back of the Ziwani desnaring team vehicle

Buchuma gets to know Challa

Challa & Buchuma up close and personal

Challa and Buchuma meet

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