Archival pictures of Chemi Chemi

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Beautiful views from Loisaba Lodge

Olare has become extremely protective of the new baby Chemi Chemi.

Oryx on Loisaba Ranch.

A track on the ranch

Some of the landscape of Loisaba ranch

Sabachi being protective over Chemi Chem1.jpg

Sabachi with Chemi Chemi

Chemi Chemi with Galo Galo

Chemi Chemi with little Tano, both from Loisaba

A female lesser kudu, photograph taken on Loisaba

The calf being prepared for the flight to Nairobi

On arrival he is unstrapped in the stable

We called him Chemi Chemi

The young calf loaded and strapped in the plane ready for the flight.jpg

The rescue scene at the Loisaba airstrip.jpg

The Loisaba ranch worker who attended to Chemi Chemi throughout his first night.jpg

The calf with Emanuelle and the rescue plane.jpg

Preparing the baby for the flight.

A Pokot woman

Off loading the calf from the aircraft into the waiting Trust pickup at Wilson Airport

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