Archival pictures of Dabassa

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The orphans giving affection to the new arrival

Mutara comforting the newcomer

Meeting the orphans

Dabassa getting used to the Keepers



Dabassa excited to meet the other orphans

Dabassa meeting the orphans

Dabassa getting comfort from the other orphans

Mutara with the new arrival at 6am

Mutara welcoming the new arrival

The orphan on the flight to the Nursery

The men involved in the rescue

The plane is loaded and ready to fly back to the Nursery

Preparing the orphan for the flight

Many community members come to see the orphan

The plane prepares to leave

The orphan is loaded in the rescue plane

The orphan before going on the plane

Lifting the orphan into the rescue plane

The Keepers & Community members lift the heavy calf out the vehicle and into the rescue plane

Lifting the orphan into the plane

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