Archival pictures of Dida

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Dida and Lesanju

Dida squeezes between Sinya and Lesanju

Dida suckling Lesanju's blanket

Zoom Zoom sits by the calf as she sleeps

The little tiny calf walks down the airstrip accompanied by Julius

The trapped baby elephant struggles in the pipeline manhole

The tiny calf trapped down a manhole

The tiny calf immediately introduces herself to the Keepers who arrive on the plane with more milk and rehydration

The tiny calf on the back of the Greens lorry

The team inspect the situation

The rescue plane

The Nairobi Keepers with the little calf

The baby calf is introduced to the railway staff who saved her life

The manhole and open lid lieing next to it

The calf immediately after she was pulled to safety

The calf is hoisted to safety

The calf was transported to the Voi Unit stockade compound in the back of the Burra desnaring landrover

The exhausted baby sleeps in her nursery stable on arrival at Nairobi

The baby calf is introduced to the railway staff who saved her life

She was named Dida after the Dida Harea Plains

She takes another feed before being loaded onto the plane


Safely strapped into the plane for the flight

Preparing Dida for her flight to the Nairobi nursery

Little pink feet

Loading the calf into the plane

Off loading the tiny calf at the Voi stockade compound

Dida prepared for the flight to Nairobi

Dida at the Voi Unit Stockades

A waterlogged and exhausted calf emerges from the manhole

Dida strides down the Voi airstrip

Dida with Julius and Hassen

Dida is dwafed by the aircraft hanger

Amos and Dida

Dida exploring the compound

Dida at the Voi stockades

Dida at the Voi stockades

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