Archival pictures of Dololo

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Dololo about a month after rescue

Dololo in the forest

Dololo and Merru

Getting attention from a keeper

Dololo following his milk bottle

Dololo enjoying the sunshine

Dololo heading out to the bush

Dololo in the forest

The calf is named Dololo

Sweet Dololo

Dololo in his stockade

Looking over the stocakde door

In the stocakde the day after rescue

The calf submerged in the dam

The calf out of the dam

The calf lands at the Nursery in the helicopeter

The calf is offloaded from the helicopter

The calf on a drip

In the stockade after rescue

The calf is placed in the stocakde

The calf is loaded into the pickup once at the Nursery

Getting the calf out of the dam

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