Archival pictures of Elkerama

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Elkerama sniffing in greeting

Enkikwe and Elkerama

Elkerama out with the rest of the orphans

Elkerama with Boromoko

Elkerama having milk

Elkerama having milk with Sokotei nearby

Embu, Dupotto, Barsilinga and Elkerama

Elkerama in the browsing fields

Sirimon behind Elkerama

Kauro and Elkerama

Hiding in the bushes

Out in the forest

Some of the orphans in the stockade with Elkerama

Elkerama and Kithaka

Elkerama being greeted by Kithaka

Some of the nursery babies come to greet the new arrival

The new arrival is called Elkerama

In charging mode

Eating greens

In the stockade soon after arrival

Being given some milk

The calf is placed in the stocakde


On arrival at the Nursery

Preparing to offload the calf

In the back of the vehicle

The calf arrives at the nursery

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