Elkerama's latest photos

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Elkerama enjoying a mud bath

Elkerama running to catch up with the others

Elkerama swimming in the middle of the pool

Elkerama and Nelion drinking water

Elkerama and Nelion down in a bathing competition

Elkerama taking his own milk bottle

Lentili, left, with Nelion and Elkerama

Elkerama running away from Ndoria

Elkerama enjoying some browse

Naughty Ndoria wants to bite Elkerama's tail

Kenia, back, pushing Rorogoi, Embu, Elkerama

Elkerama arriving and coming out of the truck

Elkerama training for his move

Nelion, right, browsing with Elkerama

Elkerama,left and Embu in training

Very well settled Elkerama in the stockade

Ngilai browsing with Elkerama

Elkerama browsing on Msinga Hill

Suswa and Elkerama did not mind the wet

Elkerama and Ngilai

Elkerama's tusks were too long to play!

Ngilai and Elkerama

Ngilai with Elkerama

Elkerama and Ngilai in the forest

Elkerama the escape artist

Ngilai and Elkerama

Elkerama before Embu came to push him!

Elkerama feels most comfortable in the forest

Suswa, Dupotto, Ngilai, Elkerama

Ngilai and Elkerama

Elkerama returns

Baby Ngilai likes to suckle on Elkerama's ear



Balguda with Elkerama

Balguda and Elkerama

Elkerama was in a bad mood today

Elkerama busy enjoying browsing

Elkerama getting settled in

Barsilinga with Elkerama in the bush

Embu, Dupotto and Barsilinga with Elkerama

Enkikwe wanted to greet Elkerama

Olsekki helps accompany Elkerama

Mbegu with Elkerama

Elkerama heads off alone

Alamaya helps escort Elkerama

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