Archival pictures of Faraja

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Faraja in the bush with Kinango

Faraj (middle) with Barsalinga and Naipoki

Faraja having his morning milk with Murera

Faraja playing in the bush

Faraja's pale eyelashes

Faraja's albino pigmentation

Faraja eating some greens in his new stockade

Mishak tries to calm the new arrival

Barsilinga's dark tail in comparison to Faraja's

Faraja's pale tail

albino white body hair

Looked after by the keepers during the flight

Faraja in the plane


The Amboseli Research Team are helping

Faraja is prepared for his flight to Nairobi

The young bull is loaded in the car

The DSWT rescue team securing Faraja

Faraja is weak and collapses by his cousins

Faraja and his cousins before his rescue

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