Archival pictures of Galla

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Galla settling into his new stockade

Galla with other orphans out in the bush

Galla with Godoma on the right in the forest

Rapa communicating with Galla

Boromoko with Galla in the forest

Galla out in the bush with the others

Galla surrounded by hus fresh cut greens

Galla settling in nicely

Galla quickly rose to his feet

Galla arriving at the nursery

Loading Galla into the vehicle to drive to the nursery

Galla in the back of the vehicle

The rescue teams assemble to rescue Galla

Rescuing Galla who was found alone in the bush

Preparing Galla for his flight

Galla on the plane to Nairobi

Administering a drip to re-hydrate Galla

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