Archival pictures of Imenti

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Imenti Ithumba

Imenti in his night stockade at Ithumba

Imenti, in his night stockade at Ithumba

Imenti Ithumba, Northern Area Tsavo East

Imenti exits the crate at the other end, on the Tiva river

Imenti with his Keeper loaded into the crate

Imenti being loaded before being translocated to Ithumba

Imenti drinking on the Tiva river after the trip

Imenti walks back to Voi with his Keepers from Tsavo West, a journey of 100 miles

Edie climbing on Imenti


Emily, Imenti, Aitong and Malaika

Imenti and Emily May 1994.jpg

Emily and Imenti May 1994.jpg

Imenti 1994

Imenti one and a half months old

Olmeg and another baby

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