Archival pictures of Ishaq-B

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She joins the orphans the next day

Tano gives the new calf special attention


The state of the roads

The second rescue plane arriving today 30th October at the Masilani airstrip

Yussef Aden, Ishaqbini Conservancy Manager

We called her ISHAQ - B

Walking the calf out of the undergrowth

The villages in this area

The team tell the dramatic story of Ishaq-B's rescue

The Tana River

The calf is walked out of the undergrowth to where the tractor waited

The calf being fed before the flight

She is lifted onto the tractor

The banks of the Tana river

Placed onto the tractor's trailer

The calf was untied, stood up, and fed before the flight to Nairobi

The Heros, Adan

She is held while her legs are strapped

On foot searching for the calf

Mr. Kiio, Senior Warden Ijara District

It was decided a tractor was the only way to go

Ishaq- B's swollen knee

Feeding the calf before the flight

Daphne checks on the calf

Conditions made this rescue extremely difficult

Boskies pilot Jamie who was part of the rescue team

Before the flight on the Masalani airstrip she is given time to stretch her legs

The conditions the tractor, keepers and calf had to drive through in order to get to the headquarters and airstrip to fly the calf out to Nairobi


Adan restrains the calf

Before the flight home, she is fed on the airstrip

Another Hero - Sammy

Well and truely stuck

View from the air

They kept up their spirits throughout

Our relieved keepers having helped get the vehicle out of the mud

Some of the challenges facing the rescue team

Hours were spent trying to extract themselves from the mud

Departing for the rescue

Abdi - muddied

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