Archival pictures of Ithumbah

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While preparations are made the calf is kept in the shade in the open hanger at the Ithumba airstrip

The wild bulls were interested in the goings on with the new arrival

The team work hard to try to free the trapped calf from the black cotton mud

The team help her out of the mud

The small makeshift temporary boma made to tame Ihtumbah down

The newcomer is showered in much loving from the big hearted Loijuk

The much needed milk and medication is flown to Ithumba

The keepers plan how to best extract the calf first cooling her with water

The elephant is given much needed water

The calf was found trapped fast in the sticky drying mud of Ithumba Dam

The calf was discovered by our keepers trapped in the mud, fortunately before any predators found her in her helpless state

The calf is restrained so that Abdi is able to give her the antibiotic injection

The calf is extracted from the mud

The calf follows the keepers towards the airstrip

That day a steady stream of wild bulls visited the stockades

Loijuk spends the afternoon comforting the new arrival in the stockades

Kinna, Yatta & Nasalot come to say hi to the calves

Ithumbah with Loijuk

Ithumbah is brought to the stockades from the airstrip in the back of the tractors trailer

A shot from the air of the drying dam that trapped Ithumbah

Amazingly without too much coaxing she follows the keepers to the hanger

Abdi is flown down to Ithumba so that he can bring the much needed milk & medication

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