Archival pictures of Jasiri

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Jasiri out with the rest of the orphans

The calf's wounds are covered in green clay

Jasiri feeding

Greeting a keeper

The calf is put on a drip

The calf is placed in the stockade

The calf is loaded

The calf in the plane

The calf is captured

Securing the calfs feet for transport

Securing the calf for the flight

Arriving at the nursery with the new orphan

Preparing to load the calf into the plane

Preparing for the rescue

Loading the calf into the rescue plane

Loading the calf into the pickup to be taken to the airstrip

Keepers looking at the new calf

Julius ensures the calf is secure

The new calf is named Jasiri

Jasiri charing around his stockade

Heading to the airstrip for the flight back to Nairobi

Having a quick drink and chat with the rescuers

En route to Amboseli

Drip is inserted

At Wilson Airport


Jasiri in the training stockade with the keepers looking down on him

Going out to the orphaned calf

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