Archival pictures of Kalama

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We named her Kalama.

The Trust's Keepers disembark from the aircraft.jpg

We called her Kalama the name of the area she was found.

Transported from the airstrip to the nursery.jpg

The sight that awaited the team on the Kalama airstrip,.jpg

The calf, rescue team, rescue vehicle and rescue aircraft of Kalama airstrip.jpg

The calf is prepared for flight under the shade of the aircraft wing.jpg

The calf on the back of the rescue vehicle.jpg

The calf is prepared for flight under the shade of the aircraft wing.

The calf is lifted onto the plane.jpg

The baby is lifted from the rescue vehicle.

The baby is laid onto the mattress and her legs tied in preperation for the flight.

The airstrip.

Preparing the calf for the flight.

Loading the little calf on the plane.

Lifting Kalama

Kalama in her stable.

Kalama taking comfort from Abdul.jpg

Kalama taking comfort from Abdul.

The Keepers give Kalama milk.jpg

Kalama is untied once in her stable at the nursery.

Kalama is strapped into the aircraft before takeoff.

Kalama in the back of the pickup landcruiser.

Kalama at the nursery the first day

Kalama and Abdul.

Rescue story notes

Arriving at Wilson Airport.jpg

All those involved in saving Kalama.

Abdul takes down notes about Kalama's rescue story

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