Archival pictures of Kamboyo

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Kamboyo 1

Kamboyo and Zurura

The little newcomer is given lots of love and attention from the other nursery elephants

Kamboyo standing next to Zurura one is struck by how thin he is in comparison

Little Kamboyo stays close to his new found friends, his first day with them at the nursery

Kamboyo discovers the other orphans

The day after his rescue he joins the other nursery orphans in the bush

The arrival of the young calf is watched by Taru and Roan Carr-Hartley, Angela Sheldrick's son's

Kamboyo stays close to the other nursery orphans

The calming touch of his Keeper

Kamboyo meets the other orphans

He takes the milk on offer gulping it down

Kora gives the newcomer some reassurance

Kamboyo's legs are unstrapped once in the confines of the stockade

We named him Kamboyo

The calf is off loaded from the aircraft onto the back on the Trust's pickup

The calf is firmly strapped into the plane and flown to Nairobi

Preparing to lift the baby elephant into the back of the plane

The Keepers strap the calf in securely

Loading the calf

Being prepared for the flight

Carrying Kamboyo towards the rescue plane

The calf waits on the airstrip while the aircraft is prepared for loading

KWS personel that helped rescue the calf

He is given a broad spectrum antibiotic injection

The calf is given some milk before the flight

The rescue plane parked on the airstrip in Tsavo West National Park

Green moist branches were cut and laid on the floor of the landrover and the calf was then loaded onto the back of the desnaring landrover

After the calf was captures his legs were tied before loading him into the vehicle

He was found abandoned and all alone standing by the side of the road a few kilometers from the Mtito Gate Tsavo East

All alone

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