Archival pictures of Kandecha

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Loaded in the back of the pickup vehicle being taken to the airstrip the following day

Unloading the calf

Robert Carr-Hartley sees that the calf receives an broad spectrum antibiotic injection

Loading the calf onto the aircraft

Kandecha prepared for the flight

Kandecha in the stockades once back at the Nairobi Nursery

The tiny calf follows a bull

the bulls together with their orphaned charge.

The tiny calf drawfed by a herd of huge bulls

Little Kandecha surrounded by his protectors

Magnificant creatures

Tsavo's big herds of buffalos, those lucky enough to survive last years drought

Kandecha loaded into the back of the pickup vehicle

The orphaned baby is taken to over night at the Voi stockades with a couple of the Voi orphans looking on

Driving the calf to the airstrip the following day

Kandecha in the stockades with Kimana and Kenia

Kandecha with the bulls

Kandecha snuggling close to a protective Kenia

Some of Kandecha's magnificant guardians

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