Archival pictures of Kanjoro

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The journey to the rescue plane

Kanjoro getting comforted by the other orphans

Kanjoro drinking milk

Kanjoro with Mishak

Kanjoro is warmly greeted

Kanjoro meeting the orphans for the 1st time

Kanjoro in his stockade

Putting the calf in a stockade and removing the travel straps

The orphan arrives at the Nairobi Nursery

Amos trying to keep the calf relaxed

The orphan looks up at Amos

Off loading the orphan at Wilson Airport

Amos comforts the orphan in the plane

The orphan loaded in the rescue plane


Amos with Loponu

Loading the orphan in the plane

Amos with the calf as he is about to get lifted into the plane

The calf loaded in the vehicle to take him to the airstrip

Loponu and Amos about to help load the calf in the vehicle

Loponu explains to Amos how he came to spot the orphan

Amos and Andrew with the orphan

The keepers bind the orphans legs in order to transport him

The Team quickly capture the orphan

Making a plan to capture the orphan

Loponu the Samburu scout who watched over the orphan

The rescue team locating the orphan

Walking to find the orphan


Going to find the orphan

The Ranch managers have a truck to take the rescue team to the orphan

The rescue team arriving at Ol Malo

Scenes from the plane

Scenes from below as the rescue plane nears Olmalo

Stephen talking to Peter on the plane

Amos on the rescue plane

Peter on the rescue plane

The rescue team board the plane

The Keepers leave for the rescue

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